Tuesday, November 14, 2006

What are we in for?

Wow, its been like 6 months since I have blogged...where has the time gone?

Much has changed since then for sure and some things havent changed at all. There have been elections to which the democrats have now taken control of the house and senate.

Im very afraid of the impact this is going to have on our country and our relationships with the nations of the world. I fear for the worst for this country.

I have not agreed with everything Bush and the republicans have done while in office such as tons of spending, the lack of doing anything about the illegal immigration, the borders are still not where they should be in refference to security aspects, they have been pushed around yet again with various oil drilling prospects and quite frankly when Bush was re-elected he should have leveled much of Iraq and dropped another 50,000 troops in there and took care of business.

While there has been much success in Iraq, I think we have fallen short a bit as well. The borders should have been sealed and have not. There shoudl have been some more shock and awe in areas like Falluja. We have gone hand to hand in guerilla warefare that puts it up for grabs.

However, I am proud of Bush for sticking to his guns. Better thanClinton who dropped some bombs for effect and called it a day. Bush has stayed steadfast in his agenda, he just lost some of that fire in those statements of "your either with us or against us." He let the media and the Cindy Shehans dictate how this would be handled, or not handled.

And now, anything that has been accomplished may be for not. The dems are in control and this is a war they dont want anything to do with. Its just not polittically correct. Save for Joe Lieberman, he said what he believed and stuck to his guns. Cost him the democratic vote, but still won as an independant. Good for you. Same for Zell MIller. Democrats who are willing to thumb their nose at their party and do what they believe.

Unfortunealtely they will not be enough. We get Nacny Poloci for speaker of the house and we all know what she thinks about Bush. Yeah, they will get alot done. The dems talk of bipartisan politics and working to get things done, but it wont happen. They have made their feelings for Bush and the current policies well known for some time now. This wont change.

They are going to ruin everything that Bush and the Republican congress has done. You can say goodbye to the tax cuts, anything to do with illeagal immigration, troops will be pulled from Iraq and Afghanistan prematurely, they will ultimately try to impeach Bush, or at the very least hold him to war crimes as they are already attempting to do with Rumsfeld, and say goodbye to a decent economy.

What will be important for them of course is the one and only thing that is important to them right now. Democrat for president in 08'. My prediction....the man who had an election stolen from him...you guessed it..Al Gore. Ive been saying it since he lost. I knew he would be back and I feel it coming.

I also think our enemies are laughing at us big time right now. They are licking their lips and tasting victory. Thier dilligence is going to pay off. Our troops will be gone with a job uncompleted and they will see us as weak. Another attack on this soil will be forthcoming. The dems and the Cindy Sheehans will blame Bush of course.

Me, well I dont think Ill be taking a bus anytime soon, nor will I go to pizzerias or visit tall buildings, I will watch sporting events in the comfort of home, and unless there is a buttload of money on the other end, I wont be flying.


At 9:26 AM, Blogger Harry said...

No doubt--you are right on. I think it will take another BAD hit or maybe even 2 before the rest of the county believes we are at war. They thought so after 9/11 but they have forgoten where they stand. The media has relentlessy pounded President Bush and from what they report, we have totally wasted our time. Poor Saddam! Murdered by Bush because he triet to kill George H.W.Bush. The whole invasion was nothing to do with the "War on Terror". If you don't believe that, just ask the media.

(Personal Note) Mikie--how you doin? Thanks for the note for Billy's return. Take care!

At 2:33 PM, Blogger Harry said...

Mike, Just trying to get in touch...sitll using this email?




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