Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Pre Friday Follies

The Religion Of Peace

Well, here they go. Rioting, killing, burning, and terrorizing, then claiming to be the religion of peace.

Yeah, peace, rioting and busting things into peace's, blowing people into peace's, burning flags into peaces and basically being peace's of shit.


All this because they are so offended over a cartoon. Do you know how many times the word of Christ has been thrown under the bus and degraded by the non belivers. There is a full force war against Christianity here in the states:
1. Cant Celebrate Christmas, must call it a holiday
2. Remove God from the pledge of Allegiance
3. Remove the 10 commandments from public institutions
4. No prayer in schools

You name it the list goes on. Yet I see no Christians taking to the streets terrorising the planet. I do not see them buring flags, rioting against innocent people and killing them, and carrying on in a way that is less than Peaceful. And by the way, when Christians such as Eric Robert Rudolph and Timothy McVeigh pulled terroristic acts we as Christians did not stand aside and turn a blind eye. They did not riot when McVeigh was put to death, nor did they riot when Rudolph was sentanced. They took a road of Peace.

Where are the Muslim leaders of the various communities leading the way in condemnation against such unlawful and unpeaceful acts? By the way, where is Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton? Too busy with Cindy Sheehan I guess. Today they are at a funeral of Corretta Scott King. I bet if Martin Luther were here today he'd be saying something about all of this. Jesse Jackson will go over seas to negotiate for hostages, he will come out against soldiers dying and coddle Cindy Sheehan. Well, Mr Jackson, get your ass over there and spread the word of peace.

Christians are not as perfect as the Baptist's would have you believe, however, they certainly do not pull the crap these sons o' bitches are pulling now. I certainly do not dump all Muslims in this group either. We have Muslims here at work who are nice enough people and do their own thing. The only problem I have would be that I have heard none of them, not a one talk about how awful this is and condem the actions.

It goes back to my previous post. I just dont think they care. Yeah, remove Christmas from the workplace and call it a holiday and thats ok. But make a cartoon depicting something very close to the truth and this is an outrage. These idiots are not even rioting in the very countries or cities this took place in. Reminds me of the LA deal and Rodney King. Tearing up Watts instead of Beverly Hills....Nice.

If the Muslims want me to believe they are a religion of peace and that the small percenatge of people committing their lives to terrorism and violence is not the majority, then let me see more Muslim leaders stand up and condem such actions instead of sitting back with blind eye. More Americans would have this belief in you, but in the interim, expect them to throw you all in one group. Then hold only youreself accountable, not me, not Christians, not Americans, just you and the fellow Muslims who sit back with eyes, ears and mouth covered by the veil of the Koran.

Iran Korea and Nukes

I am about fed up with the whole concern of who has what and what they may do with it. We started with Russia and have now moved on to Iraq, Korea and of late Iran. We just cant let them have any Nuclear weapons. We have had to listen to Kim Jong Il and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spout off about Nukes and wiping Isreal off the map.

Then we have our President and his aides calling for a stop to such things.

I am of the mind that we need not worry about either one right now. First of all we have our hands plenty full with the war in Iraq and have yet to capture the man who started all this to begin with. As much as I was for ousting Saddam, I was also of the mind that the US has been real busy running around trying to tell other countries what to do.

Who are we to tell either country they cant have weapons? If I had a country I sure as hell wouldnt let anybody tell me how to run it or what weapons to have to protect said country. We as Americans wont let any one tell us what to have and what not to have will we?

I have always been of the mind that we really dont have the right to go around telling other countries their business, yet we seem to have gotten very good at it. Now here we are still knee deep in Iraq and want to get into a chest punding match with Iran.

We should finish the task at hand and get our soldiers home and regroup. Worry about our borders that even the Mexican Millitary finds ease in crossing with no resistance on a quite regular basis. We should worry about our borders, Osama who is still running around and a slew of domestic issues that to this American are far more important than wether or not Iran has Nukes.

Why dont I care you ask?

Simple. First of all I think there is more chest beating going on than anything. Youve got this young president who is trying to be the "man" for his country. I can see that. He doesnt want to take any shit from no Americans. No problem. He shot his mouth off about removing isreal from the face of the earth, ok, and.....Seems to me Pat Robertson has been doing some shooting off at the mouth about assainating people. Should we invade the 500 club?

The point is that we have far larger fish to fry and problems to contend with. Bush needs to stay focused and quit policing the world. The other half of that is that, it would give us a reason to wipe them from the face of the planet.

Ok, so Iran gets a nuke and they use it. This would of course in itself be a terrible thing, however it would give us the very excuse we need to use the nukes we have and put an end to alot of bullshit going on in that part of the country and not have to worry about pandering to the UN and the rest of the world. We could finally give the Middle East the Hiroshima it desperately needs. Hell, Japan has been great to us since those days, great cars and nice stereos and lots of tourism.

Thats all, carry on!


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