Friday, October 21, 2005

Friday Follies!

Well, made it through another week. Lots to say so here goes......

Voter IDs

Big stink here in Georgia about voter IDs, and the ACLU went to court and won. Some Judge decided it hurts the poor people and the elderly to have to come up with an ID to prove who they are. They decided that there is no documented cases in Geporgia for voter fraud. These poor underprivlidged people have no way, no way at all to get a State ID of some shape or form. And not to mention, these poor people and elderly just cant operate a touch screen voting machine either.

Interestingly enough, Georgia would have made the IDs Clark Howard specials. Yes "IM Free". And they still cant work it out, because, yes folks, they would have to get up off their ass and go get it. The poor individuals cant even find a ride to go get a free ID. The ACLUs very own website calls the voter ID law "the most restrictive voter identification provision in the nation."

Un Fucking bahlieveable.

So let me get this straight, because maybe I am missing something, and I certainly dont want to be a racist self centered white guy, who comes across as not giving a shit about his fellow man.

As stated:
They have no documented cases of fraud, these people have no way of getting to the establishment that would provide a free ID and we are infringing on their constitutional rights, and all because we want to hold the poor man down, and this is the most restrictive law on the books.

Did I miss anything there?

OK, so in Georgia, it is legal for a person to walk up to the poll, raise his hand, swear to be Captain Kangaroo and is legally able to vote. Then he can go to the next precinct, raise his hand, swear to be Fred Flintstone and is legally able to vote.
"Until now, voters can get into a voting booth by picking up a library card out of someone's trash," says Georgia Republican Gov. Sonny Perdue's spokesman Heather Hedrick.

Seeing as all a person has to do is swear to be who they are, how do we know there hasnt been fraud. We took their word for it, who would be looking for fraud. Hell eveyone is honest, why look. There are people in New York voting, who are also registered in Florida voting there. We have people who move here with an Alabama license saying, "geez, I just moved here, havent got a new license yet" (which is supposed to happen within 30 days), they get to vote and can turn right around and go back to Bama and vote again.

No fraud?

Yet somehow these same poor people who cant make it to the building for a free ID, seem to make it to the store, church, school, mama's house, the liquour store, you name it. How did they get the booze with out an ID? How do they get bank accounts? You have to leave a drivers license at most agencies that will show you a house or apartment, prior to to being shown the property, even signing up at blockbuster requires an ID. Ive never been on welfare, but youd think youd have to have some kind of ID to cash the damn check. Isnt it unconstitutional and restrictive to ask a man for his ID prior to buying a beer? Hell he said he was of age, why shouldnt we believe him.

And the same people who cant use a touch screen voting machine seem to find a way to surf the net, use an atm, and use the card swiper at the cash register. To be very frank with you , if they are not smart enough to take their finger and push the icon for the candidate of choice, I dont think they should be voting. How can I say this you ask? I worked as a county technician in Floyd County for the year they did the very first electronic voting in Georgia. I set up the machine and tested them, pulled results and set up database's. I can safely say, if you can not use one of them you are a damned moron. It specifically tells you what to do, where to put your finger and how to proceed. I can safely say that a 6 or 7 year old could use one with ease.

So whats the problem.

The generation is the problem. This generation has been conditioned that if you are poor or a minority that you are owed something and that you play by different rules than everybody else. You have Jessie Jackson, Lewis Farrakhan and his supporters, the ACLU, all running around screaming INJUSTICE! They are not teaching their race or this generation about personal responsibility. You are owed something and the louder you scream and whine the more chance you have of obtaining a free ride.

"Once again African Americans in Georgia must seek justice from the federal courts to protect us from state officials who are eager to deprive us of our fundamental right to vote," said Walter C. Butler, President of the NAACP Georgia State Conference of Branches, which is a plaintiff in the lawsuit.

Of course he does not mention, Hispanics, Chinese, Japanese, Hindu, Jewish or any other group of people. Its always embedded that Blacks are owed something or held down by the white man because the state simply wants you to have an ID present to vote and this is beyond anything acceptable. How is it that they are trying to be deprived of being able to vote? Find a way through relatives, church, taxi cab, whatever, and go down and get a FREE ID.

And what about illegals? Doesnt it leave open the ability to be here illegally and just walk up and say I am Jose Martinez, I live at such and such and thats it.

And yes, by the way, they should put a lock down on absentee voting as well. So dont even go there.

The point is, that being able to vote is one of the many things that make this country so great. Iraq is seeing that for the first time. They have the ability to vote for and whom they want for their country. A right I believe this country has become very complacent about. A right that people feel they are owed. And there are always the little groups that will never, I repeat never, be happy with anything that is laid on the table.

Hannity Pays Delinquent Taxes

I have grown tired of Hannity for the most part. I do listen in as he will have some good guests. I was tuned in the other day and he had a caller on the phone who had been put in jail for not paying back taxes of like 10 bucks or something. She was whining and hannity was in such disbelief. He couldnt believe that they would spend the resources and tax dollars to lock this woman up. He felt that it would cost a $1000 dollars for resources and why would they do this.

By the end of the call he had told her he was going to pay the taxes, fines etc she now incurred as it was such an attrocity. And if they didnt take the offer and were going to pursue further to have them call and he would run them through on the air.

So, Hannity, isn't it unlawful to not pay taxes? Regardless of $1.00 or $1,000 the law is the law. I owed $700.00 this year. Should I just wait until they arrest me and have Sean pay that.

No wonder I listen to him less and less.


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