Friday, September 23, 2005

My very first blog!

Hello to all.

This will be my first blog entry. As an ex-musician I have an inate desire to write about what I see, hear, feel etc. I just dont do it to music anymore. I have just been dabbling thoughts on paper and kept it too myself. Now, when prompted I can certainly let you know what I think. Thanks to my friend and co-worker Harry, I have found a place to lay my thoughts.

I am not stead fast to any one political party, opinion or belief. Some days I am a tree hugger and sometimes I am a radical conservative. Kinda depends on the subject and mood. I am not, however someone who says "OK, Im Republican and thats just that."

I am more libertarian in views, but see the good in all parties and affiliations. One party is not just bad, because they are that party.

As stated I am an ex-musician. I have rambled Northern Wisconsin and the South Eastern United States as a guitar player and as well have worked for bands as a tour manager, guitar tech and sound engineer. Due to a life changing experience I was able to get custody of my eldest son from a previous disaster and made the choice to be a Dad instead of a musician. It was a choice I do not regret in any way, shape or form.

I then got into the exhibit business and into computers after 5 years of lay offs and bullshit. I am now a server support technician for IBM.

That is a little back ground and will start blogging. What a time to blog, the world is giving me so much to talk about. Wars, politics, hurricanes, gas prices, back due child support (yes from my ex-dumbass), gas shortage oh the list goes on and on!

Hope you enjoy my ramblings and feel free to email regarding thoughts:


At 12:29 PM, Blogger Harry said...

Welcome to Blogging! Hope you get some hits but my experience is that it is fun just to get it off your mind. Enjoy!


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