Thursday, September 29, 2005

Hodge Podge

So much to write about and so little time. So many subjects of importance, what to choose from? Well today I will just add some rambling thoughts about several events and happenings!

Gas Prices

Well, here we go again. Prices rising over night in Georgia and the moratorium on taxes being lifted this weekend. I saw prices coming into work today for 2.89 a gallon regular. Nice. Should be 3 bucks by next week. I'm sure we'll see the idiots filling up the 50 gallon barrels again.

People I'm telling you, time to take a stand. The oil industry is making billions of dollars. Can anyone show me a link to a story regarding oil company loss's or bankruptcy? Plenty of profits and they just don't seem to have enough.

By the way, this is not to implement any typical blame on Bush.

I blame the American people first and foremost. Then the politicians and lobbyists. I don't really blame the oil companies.

"What.... Michael are you fucking nuts? What do you mean you don't blame the oil companies? Damn commie!"

Yeah that's right. I don't blame anybody for starting a business and making money. That's what many Americans have done many times over.

I blame you people for allowing the bullshit that goes along with it. If you sold Twinkies and kept jacking up the prices and people kept buying them wouldn't you keep jacking it up to continue profits? Of course you would. Don't even try to lie to me and say that you have a threshold where enough is enough.

"No Michael, 2 dollars for a Twinkie is just too much. I will keep my base at .59 cents a twinkie. I have no need for more money. I'm just fine"

Craka puhleeze!

The oil companies are doing what business' do. They make profits. If your not in business to make a profit, that is called a Charity.

I blame the politicians for not properly representing the people. Damn liberals are more worried about a plot of land, that some poor Caribou is grazing on, than they do about the Constituants that placed them in office.

Which bring me full circle to the people I blame in this problem...


That's right Mr or Mrs voter, You. Have you forgotten the power you have as an American citizen to induce or remove power from an elected official. Yes my friend "elected." Don't ever forget that. You have the ability to make a change at the polls. Time to tell your elected officials that enough is enough. Time to tell them you are sick of the foreign and domestic policies that have created a monster called the gas pump and the ties it puts on your wallet and way of life!

A friends blog states that current polls show that Americans are sick of this shit! The problem is that these polls do not cure the problem. Voting polls cure the problem.

By the way, I applaud Sonny Perdue for trying to make an effort to be proactive in the wake of a hurricane. Hurricanes are unpredictable and at least he tried to offer up an idea to help aleve gas pressures when everyone, including government officials, FEMA and weather persons were predicting and major disaster. But of course we heard from those poor, poor individuals who rely on school for a babysitter, and they were less than pleased.

Your just breaking my damn heart!

Innocent until Proven Guilty?

Only if your a convict. When you are Brian Nichols and run through a court house and kill 4 people, run outside, kill another agent you are alleged.

When you are Tom Delay, you are indicted and removed from your post.


Braves Win.....Braves Win......Who Cares.....Who Cares!

14 in a row, so what. At this point it just means our division doesn't have a lot of great teams. No way you walk away with it 14 years in a row and say the division is loaded with talent.

13 years with 5 world series appearances and only 1 title. Is that really that impressive. If I have sex with my wife 14 times and come close to giving her an orgasm 5 times and only succeed once, is she gonna be that impressed?


Lets get to the NLCS and I may get excited. And I will say again. Bobby Cox doesn't pull them through this time he needs to go. This town had a lynching with Dan Reeves when Mike Vick went down. 1 bad season and he was history. Yet this was one of the winingest coaches in football.

Although with all the rookies we have this year, just maybe we have the fire to get er done!

Hurricanes and the Blame Game!

Its FEMA's fault, no its the mayors fault, no its the govenor's fault, no wait, George Bush has satellites and he is flooding out the black people, because Kanye West said so!

God almighty.

The bottom line is we have known about Hurricanes for a long time. Why all of a sudden this year is such a debacle.

How about everyone knowing we have the ability to attract cat 5 canes. We are in the hurricane alley. How about realizing we are targets for terrorist attacks, which could be nuclear.

Time for a plan nation wide that gets help to any city in any state at a moments notice, no questions asked. Preparedness is the key.

That's all, carry on!


At 1:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is one of the most compelling blogs I have ever dropped in on. Great posts. I love the way you approach the ideas and add in humor and sarcasim to the readers. Carry ON, hope to see you in the publications soon!


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