Friday, September 23, 2005

Friggin Atlantan's

My first post must ultimately be about the idiots at the gas pumps these days and the sickening gas prices.

After Katrina we had pumps dead dry thanks to a bunch of people who just had to freak out and act like we weren't going to get any more gas. In half a day some rumor had gotten started about supply lines being busted and the supply was going down. By the time I got off work, the lines were out to the streets, gas prices went to $5-6.00 a gallon and by 9-10:pm that night there was no gas.

Un-fucking believable.

Now with the onslaught of Rita, here we go again. Going home last night I was listening to Sean Hannity and all he did for an hour was rant about the loss of refineries, gas prices and the upcoming lack of supply.

Geez Sean, just throw raw meat to the sharks why dont ya.

The media can really become sickening. I have grown tired of the news, newspapers, all that. Decent talk shows are a thing of the past it seems.

Hey Sean, how about "Ok people, relax."

Lets just not go boating this weekend, park the 4 wheeler, put the jet ski on the trailer and stay home.

I know this is ridiculous, but how bout doing some yard work, spend some time with the kids, take a hike, read a book, have lots of sex, cripes, I dont care what you do. But whatever you do,


I already saw the frenzy on the way home last night. 3 deep at each pump and even one moron who had a 50 gallon barrell in the back of his truck and was filling it up.

No wonder....

Gas prices jumped 20 cents over night and I swear to God I am going to walk into a gas station and absolutely rip someone a new one if I see 4+ bucks a gallon. Forget the reporting to the Govenor, I am gonna let it rip!

Which brings a good point in that, when are the American people gonna quit taking this bullshit? We have become so dependent on foreign supply and roll over to these liberal whiners complaining about Anwar and the fishes of the gulf that we cant drill a damn drop anywhere.

Hey, its OK to have rigs off of Cuba, but dont put one up 200 miles out in the gulf. Hey, keep pouring money into the Mid East and make their American hating pockets fuller, but God forbid we should go take a small corner of weed infested land away from the Caribou.

Bunch of Beurocratic bullshit and you people keep voting the bullshit right into office.

We have the ability to reduce these foriegn supplies drastically. Time you all step up to the polls and quit worrying about which politician is gonna give the the best "program" and start thinking logically. Time to put politicians in the office that care about the American people and will do what is best for US and not for the lobbyists and polls. Time for a politician to see what its like to live of of median income and have to pay $3.00 a gallon for gas.

Its out of control and time for a change. Time for a new type of engine or time for someone to say enough is enough and actually do something about it.

I predict no gas at the pumps by Monday. Hope my boss doesnt need me to come to work, cuz they sure havent given me a raise to make up for it either. If they think Im gonna pay $5.00 a gallon to get to work....

They can forget it!


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