Tuesday, November 14, 2006

What are we in for?

Wow, its been like 6 months since I have blogged...where has the time gone?

Much has changed since then for sure and some things havent changed at all. There have been elections to which the democrats have now taken control of the house and senate.

Im very afraid of the impact this is going to have on our country and our relationships with the nations of the world. I fear for the worst for this country.

I have not agreed with everything Bush and the republicans have done while in office such as tons of spending, the lack of doing anything about the illegal immigration, the borders are still not where they should be in refference to security aspects, they have been pushed around yet again with various oil drilling prospects and quite frankly when Bush was re-elected he should have leveled much of Iraq and dropped another 50,000 troops in there and took care of business.

While there has been much success in Iraq, I think we have fallen short a bit as well. The borders should have been sealed and have not. There shoudl have been some more shock and awe in areas like Falluja. We have gone hand to hand in guerilla warefare that puts it up for grabs.

However, I am proud of Bush for sticking to his guns. Better thanClinton who dropped some bombs for effect and called it a day. Bush has stayed steadfast in his agenda, he just lost some of that fire in those statements of "your either with us or against us." He let the media and the Cindy Shehans dictate how this would be handled, or not handled.

And now, anything that has been accomplished may be for not. The dems are in control and this is a war they dont want anything to do with. Its just not polittically correct. Save for Joe Lieberman, he said what he believed and stuck to his guns. Cost him the democratic vote, but still won as an independant. Good for you. Same for Zell MIller. Democrats who are willing to thumb their nose at their party and do what they believe.

Unfortunealtely they will not be enough. We get Nacny Poloci for speaker of the house and we all know what she thinks about Bush. Yeah, they will get alot done. The dems talk of bipartisan politics and working to get things done, but it wont happen. They have made their feelings for Bush and the current policies well known for some time now. This wont change.

They are going to ruin everything that Bush and the Republican congress has done. You can say goodbye to the tax cuts, anything to do with illeagal immigration, troops will be pulled from Iraq and Afghanistan prematurely, they will ultimately try to impeach Bush, or at the very least hold him to war crimes as they are already attempting to do with Rumsfeld, and say goodbye to a decent economy.

What will be important for them of course is the one and only thing that is important to them right now. Democrat for president in 08'. My prediction....the man who had an election stolen from him...you guessed it..Al Gore. Ive been saying it since he lost. I knew he would be back and I feel it coming.

I also think our enemies are laughing at us big time right now. They are licking their lips and tasting victory. Thier dilligence is going to pay off. Our troops will be gone with a job uncompleted and they will see us as weak. Another attack on this soil will be forthcoming. The dems and the Cindy Sheehans will blame Bush of course.

Me, well I dont think Ill be taking a bus anytime soon, nor will I go to pizzerias or visit tall buildings, I will watch sporting events in the comfort of home, and unless there is a buttload of money on the other end, I wont be flying.

Monday, May 15, 2006

HIspexicans and Bush

I will not watch my president this evening because quite frankly my son has a baseball game and there will be more excitement at this game then during Bush's speech.

Yes folks, I am weery of this whole mess with the illegal Hispexicans. Just plain tired of it. It is amazing how the greatest country in the world can make such a debacle of such a simple issue. It really is simple, but nothing can be taken for face value where the government is concerned.

Before I go further, let me throw something at you. These are policies of another country and I want you to guess which country enforces these policies.

  • Only professionals or investors can immigrate to the country. No unskilled laborers will be allowed in. Investors must be able to invest at least 40,000 times the daily average wage. If they can't, they are not allowed in.
  • Immigrants may purchase property, but locations and availability will be limited. Ocean front property cannot be purchased by immigrants. It is exclusively for citizens born in the country.
  • Immigrants cannot vote nor can they be elected to any public office.
  • Immigrants cannot collect any type of government assistance.
  • Immigrants cannot protest the countries government, policies or president.
  • Immigrants cannot display a flag of a foreign country.
  • Immigrants who have illegally entered the country will be found and imprisoned.

You wanna take a big fat guess at what country those laws come from? And the president of this country hands out pamphlets on how to get here ilegally.

Listen, the answer is simple and those who state different are wrong, plain and simple. You round them up and you send them home. No amnesty, no work visa's, nothing, ship them back or throw them in jail. Id prefer sending them back over feeding and housing them.

I dont know why everyone is either opposed to rounding them up or thinking it cant be done. They will not waste a minute to send the swat team and drug enforcement officers into a crack house and round them up and do several houses in a day or night. Billions of dollars every year to this cause. Yet somehow we dont have the money or resources to round up illegal invaders?

Listen, they are easy to find ya know. One merely needs to put some officers in a landscaping truck, drive up to the area trailer park, many gas stations or home depots across the country and there they are, easy pickings. You can get 10 of them to jump in the truck without even asking any questions. How hard is that?

What about the message you will send even after doing this for a week? You dont need to pick up 10 million of them. A few thousand will get the point across. Many will go right back where they came from and the rest will risk jail.

The point is that right now they dont care because no one is enforcing the laws and they watch the news and hear that they may get amnesty. They have no reason to fear the law. But sell a bag of weed to a fellow and you can get serious jail time. Some states have a 10 year minimum for an ounce of weed.

Do you know how much money this country would make off of leaglizing pot alone? Billions of dollars my friends. Are you to tell me that people who smoke pot are more of a risk and cause more harm to our country than the current illegal invaders?

I have supported this president through thick and thin and my patience grows thin with him and the rest of those politicians up there in Washington. Bush's speech will be full of whip cream trying to cover up the bullshit he is spreading to the American people.

I cant wait for the elections to start coming. I am already writing the politicians to let them know they could lose my vote if this keeps up. Thats where things change. It is time for a change. It is time for us Legal Americans to take out country back. I grow tired of calling a company and getting into automation and the first thing I hear is "if you want to hear this menu in English..."

That my friends is how fucked up this whole debacle is really getting.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Pre Friday Follies

The Religion Of Peace

Well, here they go. Rioting, killing, burning, and terrorizing, then claiming to be the religion of peace.

Yeah, peace, rioting and busting things into peace's, blowing people into peace's, burning flags into peaces and basically being peace's of shit.


All this because they are so offended over a cartoon. Do you know how many times the word of Christ has been thrown under the bus and degraded by the non belivers. There is a full force war against Christianity here in the states:
1. Cant Celebrate Christmas, must call it a holiday
2. Remove God from the pledge of Allegiance
3. Remove the 10 commandments from public institutions
4. No prayer in schools

You name it the list goes on. Yet I see no Christians taking to the streets terrorising the planet. I do not see them buring flags, rioting against innocent people and killing them, and carrying on in a way that is less than Peaceful. And by the way, when Christians such as Eric Robert Rudolph and Timothy McVeigh pulled terroristic acts we as Christians did not stand aside and turn a blind eye. They did not riot when McVeigh was put to death, nor did they riot when Rudolph was sentanced. They took a road of Peace.

Where are the Muslim leaders of the various communities leading the way in condemnation against such unlawful and unpeaceful acts? By the way, where is Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton? Too busy with Cindy Sheehan I guess. Today they are at a funeral of Corretta Scott King. I bet if Martin Luther were here today he'd be saying something about all of this. Jesse Jackson will go over seas to negotiate for hostages, he will come out against soldiers dying and coddle Cindy Sheehan. Well, Mr Jackson, get your ass over there and spread the word of peace.

Christians are not as perfect as the Baptist's would have you believe, however, they certainly do not pull the crap these sons o' bitches are pulling now. I certainly do not dump all Muslims in this group either. We have Muslims here at work who are nice enough people and do their own thing. The only problem I have would be that I have heard none of them, not a one talk about how awful this is and condem the actions.

It goes back to my previous post. I just dont think they care. Yeah, remove Christmas from the workplace and call it a holiday and thats ok. But make a cartoon depicting something very close to the truth and this is an outrage. These idiots are not even rioting in the very countries or cities this took place in. Reminds me of the LA deal and Rodney King. Tearing up Watts instead of Beverly Hills....Nice.

If the Muslims want me to believe they are a religion of peace and that the small percenatge of people committing their lives to terrorism and violence is not the majority, then let me see more Muslim leaders stand up and condem such actions instead of sitting back with blind eye. More Americans would have this belief in you, but in the interim, expect them to throw you all in one group. Then hold only youreself accountable, not me, not Christians, not Americans, just you and the fellow Muslims who sit back with eyes, ears and mouth covered by the veil of the Koran.

Iran Korea and Nukes

I am about fed up with the whole concern of who has what and what they may do with it. We started with Russia and have now moved on to Iraq, Korea and of late Iran. We just cant let them have any Nuclear weapons. We have had to listen to Kim Jong Il and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spout off about Nukes and wiping Isreal off the map.

Then we have our President and his aides calling for a stop to such things.

I am of the mind that we need not worry about either one right now. First of all we have our hands plenty full with the war in Iraq and have yet to capture the man who started all this to begin with. As much as I was for ousting Saddam, I was also of the mind that the US has been real busy running around trying to tell other countries what to do.

Who are we to tell either country they cant have weapons? If I had a country I sure as hell wouldnt let anybody tell me how to run it or what weapons to have to protect said country. We as Americans wont let any one tell us what to have and what not to have will we?

I have always been of the mind that we really dont have the right to go around telling other countries their business, yet we seem to have gotten very good at it. Now here we are still knee deep in Iraq and want to get into a chest punding match with Iran.

We should finish the task at hand and get our soldiers home and regroup. Worry about our borders that even the Mexican Millitary finds ease in crossing with no resistance on a quite regular basis. We should worry about our borders, Osama who is still running around and a slew of domestic issues that to this American are far more important than wether or not Iran has Nukes.

Why dont I care you ask?

Simple. First of all I think there is more chest beating going on than anything. Youve got this young president who is trying to be the "man" for his country. I can see that. He doesnt want to take any shit from no Americans. No problem. He shot his mouth off about removing isreal from the face of the earth, ok, and.....Seems to me Pat Robertson has been doing some shooting off at the mouth about assainating people. Should we invade the 500 club?

The point is that we have far larger fish to fry and problems to contend with. Bush needs to stay focused and quit policing the world. The other half of that is that, it would give us a reason to wipe them from the face of the planet.

Ok, so Iran gets a nuke and they use it. This would of course in itself be a terrible thing, however it would give us the very excuse we need to use the nukes we have and put an end to alot of bullshit going on in that part of the country and not have to worry about pandering to the UN and the rest of the world. We could finally give the Middle East the Hiroshima it desperately needs. Hell, Japan has been great to us since those days, great cars and nice stereos and lots of tourism.

Thats all, carry on!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Friday Thoughts

So, it seems its been awhile since I last posted. I guess with work, kids, all the "holidays" I got caught up in life and didn't have the chance, or maybe the desire to post.

However, today, I feel the need.

Muslim Cartoons...OOh My God how horrible!!

So it seems there is a big deal going on regarding some editorial type cartoons. A newspaper caricaturised with Mohammed with a turban containing a bomb lit and ready.

And the problem is what?

Political cartooning is nothing new. Why are these people so upset I wonder. The Muslim community is outraged and has taken to the streets, burning flags and carrying on. Oh my god what an outrage.

My first thoughts are this:
1. Shut up and quit your god damn whining. Political cartoons have taken a shot at anybody and everybody, this is nothing new. Why do they feel so special as to being a group above such political "free" speech?

2. Where were these same Muslims when others of their religious group have caused killing and destruction for Americans, Israelis, and other countries and peoples they have had problems with. Where was the outrage when the twin towers fell. Lets explore a few more, shall we?

  • Muslims fly commercial airliners into buildings in New York City.
  • Muslim officials block the exit where school girls are trying to escape a burning building because their faces were exposed.
  • Muslims cut off the heads of three teenaged girls on their way to school in Indonesia. A Christian school.
  • Muslims murder teachers trying to teach Muslim children in Iraq.
  • Muslims murder over 80 tourists with car bombs outside cafes and hotels in Egypt.
  • A Muslim attacks a missionary children's school in India. Kills six. Muslims slaughter hundreds of children and teachers in Beslan, Russia.
  • Muslims shoot children in the back.
  • Muslims kidnap and kill athletes at the Munich Summer Olympics.
  • Muslims fire rocket-propelled grenades into schools full of children in Israel.
  • Muslims murder more than 50 commuters in attacks on London subways and busses. Over 700 are injured.
  • Muslims massacre dozens of innocents at a Passover Seder.
  • Muslims murder innocent vacationers in Bali.
  • Muslim newspapers publish anti-Semitic cartoons.
  • Muslims are involved, on one side or the other, in almost every one of the 125+ shooting wars around the world.
  • Muslims beat the charred bodies of Western civilians with their shoes, then hang them from a bridge.
  • (all pulled from the neal boortz site for the purpose of making a point.)

I googled these and could find no links to any of them regarding Muslim outrage for these activities. I watched adamantly the news coverage after 911. No Muslim outrage. I watch the news as our soldiers and innocent Iraqis are blown up, I watch as bus's and pizza parlor's get blown up in Israel, no Muslim outrage.

I am not the type of person to condemn a whole group, but let me tell you I am sick of this bullshit with these people. Another group acting like they are owed something.

Well to all you that fall in this group I can only say "Fuck You!"

On behalf of the soldiers, innocent civilians and people who don't think like you in your self centered Allah world...Fuck you!

Start getting out raged about the people who are blackening your name and religion. Or maybe secretly you approve of such actions. Maybe deep down you think what they do is OK and we should wipe Israelis off the planet. Well this is one American who thinks you cowardly back stabbing, suicide bombing pieces of shit need to be removed from the face of the earth.

You all sat back while the towers fell and said nothing. You all sit back while this country and its allies fight a war that individual's within your religion have started. Fuck you, I could care a less about how you feel because some cartoonist said it like it is.

Why don't you save face and come out against such things as the murdering that is going on by people in your religion. Because reality shows that you really don't care. As long as it is someone else you just don't care.

Well this white boy Christian don't give a damn about your outrage over a cartoon. As far as IM concerned they should car bomb all those protestors so they can get a feel for what is happening to others based on citizenship, religion and cultural status.

In the mean time, fuck you, as I could care a less about your incessant whining. To hell with you and the religion you hold so dear. It means nothing to me, because you care nothing for me.


So, I have decided to start combating the smokers and perfume addicts on the elevator at work. I work on the top floor of 9 and continually get stuck making multiple stops on the way for everybody and their brother. I have to put up with perfumes and Cologne from those who do not understand "juste milieu" and the stank that comes from the smokers who have laid another nail in their coffin.

The elevator stinks!!

I don't smoke and I don't use Cologne and or perfumes. "So, how do I combat this funk that I must deal with", I asked myself one day. I pondered this with great thought and came up with a great resolution. Being a highly combustionable individual with the ability to render one unconscious, it seemed quite appropriate to fire back with gas!

Yes the ole stank bomb, the back door slider, air biscuit, Big Stinky , the royal rumble , the Great toothless Wonder, yes this would be my payback. So amidst the perfume and the smoke, there is the effervescence pleasance of last nights chili. Just for you. Enjoy and remember, if you smell something other than Camels and Tommy Hilfiger, I may have been there!

Republicans and Democrats

I have been stirring up trouble at work for the new year. I have decided to go Liberal. Not because I am, but because its fun.

Let me explain.

These days with all that is going on, our politicians and those citizens falling under the 2 categories have become redundant and boring. All I hear here at work is the Liberals saying the same crap day in and day out and the Republicans respond with the same crap day in and day out.

An example would be the war on terrah. Same arguments from both sides and it never changes.

"Bush Lied"

"Oh Yeah, Chappaquittick."

The Liberals think Bush is completely wrong on everything and the Conservatives come up with the same rebuttals day in and day out. Nothing changes. I gave up talking to one lib because he was beyond the voice of reason. He wont shut up once you get him going and nothing resembles anything close to a valid debate of facts, Bush lied, no wmd. But the right does the same, with their Ted Kennedy response, liberals are stupid, Bush is great, and by the way if you are against the war you must be against the military, blah blah blah.

See I was all for kicking some ass over in Afghanistan and Iraq. I don't like the way it is being handled currently. I am not at all thrilled with the way Bush is handling getting out of Iraq, I don't like the fact he has all but forgotten about Osama, our borders are not secure and he has not said in years "You are with us or against us!"

See that was the Bush I loved, basically it was to hell with you we are doing what we have to do, get on board or get the hell out of the way.

I digress, so I have taken a Liberal stance basically to challenge the right running around my work who spew the same crap day in and day out. I am saying things that are as left as possible and get the same wore out responses time and time again. They claim to be smarter, but spew forth canned answers, just like the left.

I will say things to be as argumentative as possible, and they get stumped. If its not a Hannity, Boortz or Rush response, they just don't know what to say.

I love it.

I am more conservative-libertarian, but I want you to be a free thinker. It has been fun to show these righties they are just as bad as the left. I wrote to a friend on his blog, as an anonymous liberal and gave very valid arguments that were not the typical liberal arguments. I have yet to see a response. Its nice to know I have thrown him a curve ball. I hope he is seriously mulling it over and can come back with something other than typical canned response. I think he knows its me, but is not sure. He will now...hehehe.

My point is that both sides have gotten into a finger pointing lull that is making us look very bad to the world. Its all about who will win the elections, who can throw who under the bus and who has fucked up the country the most.

I've got news for you. They are all responsible. None are perfect and none are all to blame. Maybe we need another 9-11 to put things back in perspective again. I have grown very weary of the war that rages on here at home between the 2 political parties. It is not getting us out of Iraq, it is not lowering my gas bills and doesn't get us any respect from the world.

Grow Up!

Super Bowl

Go Seattle!

Heather and Ritchie Eddie and Valerie

The rockers lost the babes. D.I.V.O.R.C.E

Geesh are these women just big time bitches or has Eddie and Ritchie lost their damn mind?

Heather and Valerie I will leave my wife for you today, just say the word. Unless Juliet Huddy beats you too me.

Hey that's all folks! Nothing else in the news that stimulates me today.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Friday Follies!

Well, made it through another week. Lots to say so here goes......

Voter IDs

Big stink here in Georgia about voter IDs, and the ACLU went to court and won. Some Judge decided it hurts the poor people and the elderly to have to come up with an ID to prove who they are. They decided that there is no documented cases in Geporgia for voter fraud. These poor underprivlidged people have no way, no way at all to get a State ID of some shape or form. And not to mention, these poor people and elderly just cant operate a touch screen voting machine either.

Interestingly enough, Georgia would have made the IDs Clark Howard specials. Yes "IM Free". And they still cant work it out, because, yes folks, they would have to get up off their ass and go get it. The poor individuals cant even find a ride to go get a free ID. The ACLUs very own website calls the voter ID law "the most restrictive voter identification provision in the nation."

Un Fucking bahlieveable.

So let me get this straight, because maybe I am missing something, and I certainly dont want to be a racist self centered white guy, who comes across as not giving a shit about his fellow man.

As stated:
They have no documented cases of fraud, these people have no way of getting to the establishment that would provide a free ID and we are infringing on their constitutional rights, and all because we want to hold the poor man down, and this is the most restrictive law on the books.

Did I miss anything there?

OK, so in Georgia, it is legal for a person to walk up to the poll, raise his hand, swear to be Captain Kangaroo and is legally able to vote. Then he can go to the next precinct, raise his hand, swear to be Fred Flintstone and is legally able to vote.
"Until now, voters can get into a voting booth by picking up a library card out of someone's trash," says Georgia Republican Gov. Sonny Perdue's spokesman Heather Hedrick.

Seeing as all a person has to do is swear to be who they are, how do we know there hasnt been fraud. We took their word for it, who would be looking for fraud. Hell eveyone is honest, why look. There are people in New York voting, who are also registered in Florida voting there. We have people who move here with an Alabama license saying, "geez, I just moved here, havent got a new license yet" (which is supposed to happen within 30 days), they get to vote and can turn right around and go back to Bama and vote again.

No fraud?

Yet somehow these same poor people who cant make it to the building for a free ID, seem to make it to the store, church, school, mama's house, the liquour store, you name it. How did they get the booze with out an ID? How do they get bank accounts? You have to leave a drivers license at most agencies that will show you a house or apartment, prior to to being shown the property, even signing up at blockbuster requires an ID. Ive never been on welfare, but youd think youd have to have some kind of ID to cash the damn check. Isnt it unconstitutional and restrictive to ask a man for his ID prior to buying a beer? Hell he said he was of age, why shouldnt we believe him.

And the same people who cant use a touch screen voting machine seem to find a way to surf the net, use an atm, and use the card swiper at the cash register. To be very frank with you , if they are not smart enough to take their finger and push the icon for the candidate of choice, I dont think they should be voting. How can I say this you ask? I worked as a county technician in Floyd County for the year they did the very first electronic voting in Georgia. I set up the machine and tested them, pulled results and set up database's. I can safely say, if you can not use one of them you are a damned moron. It specifically tells you what to do, where to put your finger and how to proceed. I can safely say that a 6 or 7 year old could use one with ease.

So whats the problem.

The generation is the problem. This generation has been conditioned that if you are poor or a minority that you are owed something and that you play by different rules than everybody else. You have Jessie Jackson, Lewis Farrakhan and his supporters, the ACLU, all running around screaming INJUSTICE! They are not teaching their race or this generation about personal responsibility. You are owed something and the louder you scream and whine the more chance you have of obtaining a free ride.

"Once again African Americans in Georgia must seek justice from the federal courts to protect us from state officials who are eager to deprive us of our fundamental right to vote," said Walter C. Butler, President of the NAACP Georgia State Conference of Branches, which is a plaintiff in the lawsuit.

Of course he does not mention, Hispanics, Chinese, Japanese, Hindu, Jewish or any other group of people. Its always embedded that Blacks are owed something or held down by the white man because the state simply wants you to have an ID present to vote and this is beyond anything acceptable. How is it that they are trying to be deprived of being able to vote? Find a way through relatives, church, taxi cab, whatever, and go down and get a FREE ID.

And what about illegals? Doesnt it leave open the ability to be here illegally and just walk up and say I am Jose Martinez, I live at such and such and thats it.

And yes, by the way, they should put a lock down on absentee voting as well. So dont even go there.

The point is, that being able to vote is one of the many things that make this country so great. Iraq is seeing that for the first time. They have the ability to vote for and whom they want for their country. A right I believe this country has become very complacent about. A right that people feel they are owed. And there are always the little groups that will never, I repeat never, be happy with anything that is laid on the table.

Hannity Pays Delinquent Taxes

I have grown tired of Hannity for the most part. I do listen in as he will have some good guests. I was tuned in the other day and he had a caller on the phone who had been put in jail for not paying back taxes of like 10 bucks or something. She was whining and hannity was in such disbelief. He couldnt believe that they would spend the resources and tax dollars to lock this woman up. He felt that it would cost a $1000 dollars for resources and why would they do this.

By the end of the call he had told her he was going to pay the taxes, fines etc she now incurred as it was such an attrocity. And if they didnt take the offer and were going to pursue further to have them call and he would run them through on the air.

So, Hannity, isn't it unlawful to not pay taxes? Regardless of $1.00 or $1,000 the law is the law. I owed $700.00 this year. Should I just wait until they arrest me and have Sean pay that.

No wonder I listen to him less and less.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Hodge Podge

So much to write about and so little time. So many subjects of importance, what to choose from? Well today I will just add some rambling thoughts about several events and happenings!

Gas Prices

Well, here we go again. Prices rising over night in Georgia and the moratorium on taxes being lifted this weekend. I saw prices coming into work today for 2.89 a gallon regular. Nice. Should be 3 bucks by next week. I'm sure we'll see the idiots filling up the 50 gallon barrels again.

People I'm telling you, time to take a stand. The oil industry is making billions of dollars. Can anyone show me a link to a story regarding oil company loss's or bankruptcy? Plenty of profits and they just don't seem to have enough.

By the way, this is not to implement any typical blame on Bush.

I blame the American people first and foremost. Then the politicians and lobbyists. I don't really blame the oil companies.

"What.... Michael are you fucking nuts? What do you mean you don't blame the oil companies? Damn commie!"

Yeah that's right. I don't blame anybody for starting a business and making money. That's what many Americans have done many times over.

I blame you people for allowing the bullshit that goes along with it. If you sold Twinkies and kept jacking up the prices and people kept buying them wouldn't you keep jacking it up to continue profits? Of course you would. Don't even try to lie to me and say that you have a threshold where enough is enough.

"No Michael, 2 dollars for a Twinkie is just too much. I will keep my base at .59 cents a twinkie. I have no need for more money. I'm just fine"

Craka puhleeze!

The oil companies are doing what business' do. They make profits. If your not in business to make a profit, that is called a Charity.

I blame the politicians for not properly representing the people. Damn liberals are more worried about a plot of land, that some poor Caribou is grazing on, than they do about the Constituants that placed them in office.

Which bring me full circle to the people I blame in this problem...


That's right Mr or Mrs voter, You. Have you forgotten the power you have as an American citizen to induce or remove power from an elected official. Yes my friend "elected." Don't ever forget that. You have the ability to make a change at the polls. Time to tell your elected officials that enough is enough. Time to tell them you are sick of the foreign and domestic policies that have created a monster called the gas pump and the ties it puts on your wallet and way of life!

A friends blog states that current polls show that Americans are sick of this shit! The problem is that these polls do not cure the problem. Voting polls cure the problem.

By the way, I applaud Sonny Perdue for trying to make an effort to be proactive in the wake of a hurricane. Hurricanes are unpredictable and at least he tried to offer up an idea to help aleve gas pressures when everyone, including government officials, FEMA and weather persons were predicting and major disaster. But of course we heard from those poor, poor individuals who rely on school for a babysitter, and they were less than pleased.

Your just breaking my damn heart!

Innocent until Proven Guilty?

Only if your a convict. When you are Brian Nichols and run through a court house and kill 4 people, run outside, kill another agent you are alleged.

When you are Tom Delay, you are indicted and removed from your post.


Braves Win.....Braves Win......Who Cares.....Who Cares!

14 in a row, so what. At this point it just means our division doesn't have a lot of great teams. No way you walk away with it 14 years in a row and say the division is loaded with talent.

13 years with 5 world series appearances and only 1 title. Is that really that impressive. If I have sex with my wife 14 times and come close to giving her an orgasm 5 times and only succeed once, is she gonna be that impressed?


Lets get to the NLCS and I may get excited. And I will say again. Bobby Cox doesn't pull them through this time he needs to go. This town had a lynching with Dan Reeves when Mike Vick went down. 1 bad season and he was history. Yet this was one of the winingest coaches in football.

Although with all the rookies we have this year, just maybe we have the fire to get er done!

Hurricanes and the Blame Game!

Its FEMA's fault, no its the mayors fault, no its the govenor's fault, no wait, George Bush has satellites and he is flooding out the black people, because Kanye West said so!

God almighty.

The bottom line is we have known about Hurricanes for a long time. Why all of a sudden this year is such a debacle.

How about everyone knowing we have the ability to attract cat 5 canes. We are in the hurricane alley. How about realizing we are targets for terrorist attacks, which could be nuclear.

Time for a plan nation wide that gets help to any city in any state at a moments notice, no questions asked. Preparedness is the key.

That's all, carry on!

Saturday, September 24, 2005


I saw what is to me a very disturbing ad on the Fox network from a group called Families for Peace.

They preceded to have theses wives and mothers come on and tell us that Bush is so horrible because he sent their kids to die, and your kids will die and for what? Bush lied. Saddam had no WMD.

Its way to late to start googling for facts so I will take the easy route and submit visual facts for you to peruse in the mean time.

Maybe someday their kids will be as important as yours!

Thank God he didnt have the stuff!